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35 Great decor ideas to make a cool terrace

by Eva

35 Great decor ideas to make a cool terrace

Outdoor room but room anyway, the terrace becomes the central element of an interior as soon as the weather becomes better. And to get away from it all, we instill in it a style that makes you feel good, super green in the jungle style, ultra-colorful bohemian spirit, very refined to fill up with zen, and why not a little of the three?

Meet plumbago, the blue jasmine for your yard and garden

If natural materials are always so successful, bright colors are invited to the party! Pop furniture, multicolored carpet, small decor full of pep’s, shake your chromatic palette for a terrace full of good waves.

If you dream of a Zen terrace, an inexpensive terrace, or inviting plants on your terrace, do not move… Just check our ideas in the following images.


The layout of your terrace depends on its size. The larger it is, the more it will be possible to create different spaces such as a dining area, relaxation area, or even an outdoor kitchen. However, avoid too much clutter in small spaces in order to be able to move easily.

To give an impression of grandeur, you can define mini-zones with different color effects or floor coverings. In order to make the most of your exterior, remember to protect yourself from the other person. Wooden blinds, canisses, trellises, plants, shade sails … give way to your creativity to isolate yourself from the neighborhood. On the ground, prefer raw materials such as wood, stone, or concrete which require little maintenance. And for a desire for greenery without having to make any effort, bet on artificial grass. A good idea if you have a balcony.
Once the zones have been established and the materials validated, all that remains is to furnish your terrace. You can opt for furniture repeating the codes of interior furniture, but with the appropriate coating. The great design classics are increasingly available in outdoor versions to settle in the garden. Guaranteed outdoor/indoor effect. Want a more bohemian look? Play on the accumulation of cushions, transform pallets into seats or tables and opt for outdoor rugs to warm the atmosphere.
In any case, do not overlook the lighting because, in addition to being essential to enjoy this space in the evening, punctuates and creates a warm atmosphere. But which outdoor lamp to choose? The garland will bring a guinguette spirit, the suspensions a magical effect and the table lamp is ideal for a head to head. Ultra-practical too, the cordless portable lamp to pose or suspend as well as the wall lamp, are essential of your terraces.
When it comes to seating, lounge chairs, floor cushions, rattan armchairs, wooden bench… they combine comfort and style. Finally, to optimize space, think of modular furniture. All that remains is to take full advantage of this additional room and to complete the story, turn on your Bluetooth speaker and also bet on a kitchen service to reduce back and forth outdoor/indoor.

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