Home Garden Amazing Campanula flowers for your garden – the “groom” and the “bride”

Amazing Campanula flowers for your garden – the “groom” and the “bride”

by Eva

Amazing Campanula flowers for your garden – the “groom” and the “bride”

Campanula (Bells) used to be very popular for gardens. “The groom” and “bride” were given to the happiness of the newlyweds.
It was believed that a family in which the bells grow and bloom well will be strong and happy.

“Groom” is a Mayi variety with blue flowers, and white is the “Bride” Alba. It looks beautiful planted in one pot of flowers of different colors. It turns out the “groom” and “bride” live as one family.

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Campanula – care
Campanula, the care of which is so simple that any beginner grower can do it. The flower has an ample shape and looks beautiful with a falling wave in any corner of the garden. Against the background of lush greenery, tender bluebells of blue or white colors stand out favorably.
Campanula blooms in summer, but this plant decorates the interior with its compact green bush in another season. In order for the indoor campanula to live with you for a long time, you can not put it in an open sunny place, the sun’s rays shorten its life.

Campanula: home care
Water the plant sparingly, without excessive watering or prolonged drying. Also, it is often sprayed, especially in the hot season. This will remove dirt and dust from the leaves, your plant will be healthy and fresh. Follow the appearance of the flower, while removing dead leaves and dried flowers.
Campanula should be properly prepared for winter. To do this, cut the shoots with leaves into a third, and sprinkle the slices with wood ash. Watering, closer to winter, is reduced to zero, watered occasionally so that the soil is only slightly moist.
In the spring, Campanula is transplanted into fresh nutrient land.

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