Home Garden Succulent decorations: 80 Ideas and tips on how to care and build compositions for pots and garden

Succulent decorations: 80 Ideas and tips on how to care and build compositions for pots and garden

by Eva

Succulent decorations: 80 Ideas and tips on how to care and build compositions for pots and garden

Succulents are those plants known for their chubby leaves. There are numerous species of the succulent family with different colors, shapes, and sizes. These plant species are widely used in the decoration of small gardens, but do you know how to plant your succulent garden? Or how to keep them? We prepared this post to help you in this mission.

1. Choose the ideal soil for succulents

But, how to care for each type of succulent? The first thing that requires attention when planting a succulent is the type of soil or substrate in the potted plants in which it will be planted. So what soil to use for succulents? Ideally, two parts of fertilized soil are used for one part of coarse sand, this will ensure good drainage. Succulents do not tolerate soggy soil, as too wet soil will rot their roots and can destroy the plant.

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2. How to water your succulents

Succulent plants need water but don’t overdo it when using the sprayer. Ideally, watering should be done when the substrate is dry, and directly on the substrate and not on the leaves. Fertilizing is essential to keeping your succulents healthy, so we recommend fertilizing every three months, even if you have a small pot decorating your dinner table.

3. Ideal lighting for succulents

Care must be taken with lighting because they are species that need a lot of light and that means they do very well in full sun. However, these plants can also be placed indoors as long as they are well lit.

4. How to plant succulents?

The multiplication and replanting of succulents are very easy and can be done through their own leaves. Just leave the leaf on the substrate and in a short time, it will start to create new roots.

There are several ways to set up a garden with potted succulents. You can mount it in flower beds, wooden planters, basins, vases, wooden comics, and even in glass vases creating a succulent terrarium.

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Mixing different species of succulents is one of the best options, as different colors and textures make a good combination with pebbles or pebbles. Use and abuse your imagination and have gardening tools.

How to make succulent seedlings

To make DIY succulent seedlings, you will have to collect the best leaves of the plant and place them in a container with 1/3 of soil, 1/3 of sand, and 1/3 of pebbles.

This container needs to be in a bright and well-ventilated place, but it cannot get direct sun and rainwater. Don’t water your plant for the first week or the leaves will rot.

Very important tip: When watering the succulent it is important that the water does not touch the leaves. When some roots are sprouting from the old leaf and are a little bigger, you can report them in individual ceramic pots.







































































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