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Senecio – string of pearls in your pots and garden

by Eva

Senecio – string of pearls in your pots and garden

One of the most distinctive succulents of Namibian origin, Senecio Rowleyanus, as its scientific name implies, stands out for the very peculiar morphology of its bead-shaped leaves, due to which it is also called the “Pearl Series”.
From the succulents that grow just as well and indoors, it acquires a very impressive appearance if placed in high places or in hanging pots with the shoots extending downwards.
Its growth is relatively fast and the length of the shoots in a few years can exceed 1 meter and create a green natural … curtain.
Depending on the variety, its leaves are green or have a slightly yellowish tinge.

In its natural environment, Senecio develops the length of its shoots in the ground and can also be used as a ground cover plant in gardens – flower beds.

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Like all succulents, it does not need special care with the sole exception that it should be placed in a place with plenty of light, and protected from the severe cold of winter. Spots with intense morning or afternoon sun and less light during the afternoon are ideal for placement.
In shady places, especially when used as an indoor plant, its leaves grow more sparsely, which makes its overall appearance less impressive.
It needs moderate to sparse watering, every 3-4 days during the hot spring and summer as the leaves have the ability to store water and place in a relatively small pot because like all succulents it does not develop a very large root system. A sign that the plant needs more moisture is when its leaves lose their round shape and shrink to a flatter shape.

Fertilization with a common liquid preparation, diluted with water by half of the normal proportions, every 20-30 days and from mid-spring to autumn greatly favors its faster growth.

Equally peculiar to the leaves are the white and yellow flowers of Senecio Rowleyanus. They usually appear in the spring and have a very special aroma that strongly resembles that of cinnamon.

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Like all succulents, it propagates very easily by cuttings.
Just touch – lightly press a piece of cut shoot on fluffy soil, without even covering it with soil, to have a new plant in a few weeks.
Equally easy to grow and multiply in water. Place cut shoots in a small container so that the water covers about 1/4 of their length and when they take root you can transfer them to a pot with soil.
















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