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How to create the most amazing DIY thyme pot collection for your yard or garden

by Eva

How to create the most amazing DIY thyme pot collection for your yard or garden

Here’s an original way to present your thyme collection. The only difficulty is to find an old wheel … and the bowl with the corresponding diameter. By combining the different thyms, you will obtain a scented decor for the garden.

Beautiful DIY ideas for planting your own herbs in your garden or backyard

What you need to create a scent wheel

An old cart wheel at least 40 cm in diameter
A slightly larger diameter zinc bowl
As many thyme stalks as rays – mix species and varieties and choose variegated plants that will give better contrast
A bag of special potting soil (which contains a little sand and drains well)
A bucket of pebbles, for drainage
Rigid wooden labels and an oily pencil

  1. Thymus vulgaris
  2. Thymus ‘Silver Posie’
  3. Thymus serpyllum ‘Russettings’
  4. Thymus serpyllum f. coccineus
  5. Thymus ‘Doone Valley’
  6. Thymus ‘Pinewood’
  7. Thymus x citriodorus

How to create a wheel step

1 – Ensure good drainage by placing a layer of pebbles 2 cm thick at the bottom of the basin (4 cm if it is not pierced).

2 – Pour the potting soil. If you do not have an aromatic mixture, add 10 l of sand (or vermiculite) to 60 l of good universal potting soil.

3 – Position the wheel flat. It should arrive just below the level of the rim of the basin. Add or remove soil as much as necessary.

4 – Start planting thyme. You will have previously soaked them in a bucket of water, so that the lumps are well soaked.

5 – Make sure that the plants settle in a triangle. For this, do not hesitate to deform the lumps a little by pressing them lightly between the palms.

6 – Lightly trim the plants, if necessary, so that the design of each triangle remains clearly visible. This is what will make your soup hot.

7 – Plant wooden labels vertically, which blend into the foliage, to identify the varieties. Use a greasy pencil, for a lasting outline.

8 – Water in fine rain so that the soil settles between the roots. Install in a place in full sun. If the bowl is not pierced, remember to empty the water after the rain.

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