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Schizanthus, the butterfly like flower in your pot and garden

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Schizanthus, the butterfly like flower in your pot and garden

Schizanthus is a beautiful annual flower native to Peru that belongs to the same family as the petunia. The flowers of the Schizanthus appear from the end of spring until the beginning of autumn and we find them in a wide variety of colors, designs and sizes. In fact, they are particularly impressive, as they resemble small butterflies and that is why Schizanthus is referred to as a butterfly flower.

The flowering of Schizanthus is so intense that it often completely covers its soft green foliage. The Schizanthus is planted in garden flower beds and in pots on the balcony, giving us unique colors and exotic beauty.

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Under what conditions does the Schizanthus grow?

Schizanthus needs a relatively cool environment to thrive and that is why we prefer semi-shady places for its planting. If we plant it in sunny places, its flowers will dry during the summer months. Schizanthusis sensitive to the high temperatures of summer and the first winter frosts.

It prefers fertile soil that retains moisture, rich in nutrients to be able to give rich and prolonged flowering. To plant the slipper in a pot on the balcony, we prefer a place with western or eastern exposure in order to protect it from the strong summer sun.

What watering and fertilization does Schizanthus need?

Schizanthus has important requirements for watering as we need to ensure sufficient soil moisture in the soil. We water every 2-3 days during the spring period, while in the hot summer months we have to water it daily. Schizanthus has several requirements in fertilization to enjoy its impressive flowering for a long period of time. It is therefore advisable to add liquid flowering fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring to early autumn. It is also worth noting that the cut flowers of the Schizanthus can be kept in the vase for about a week.

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How is the Schizanthus pruned and how is it propagated?

Schizanthus as an annual plant, does not need any pruning but only the removal of the dried flowers when they ripen to enhance its ascension.

Regarding the way it is propagated, Schizanthus is propagated by seed, although it is quite difficult for it to germinate, so we prefer to get it ready from nurseries. The seed is planted in early April in a special bed or earlier in controlled conditions of temperature 20-22 ° C and relatively high humidity. In these conditions it takes 4 weeks to germinate and another 6-7 weeks until its final transplant in the garden or in a pot on the balcony.

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And a secret for the Schizanthus

There is a kind of Schizanthus that looks strikingly similar to the orchid flower and is referred to abroad as the “poor orchid”. However, in no case does the Schizanthus belong to the same family as the orchid. It is known that the orchid has the reputation of being a sensitive and relatively expensive plant, something that discourages many from acquiring it. In these cases, Schizanthus is an excellent alternative to replace it at no particular cost.










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