Home Bathroom Rustic bathroom: 48 Amazing decorating ideas

Rustic bathroom: 48 Amazing decorating ideas

by Eva

Rustic bathroom: 48 Amazing decorating ideas

The rustic style of decoration can be part of the scenery of different environments: with an elemental touch of natural materials, it is possible to combine these elements with other features of modern decoration to have an excellent visual effect in a rustic bathroom. The use of wood and stone cladding is the highlight of this decorating style and the bathroom is no different. Wall cladding with stone, exposed brick, and wood can be an option as long as a balance is found. Reminiscent of the farmhouse atmosphere, the pieces of wood can be reused and processed to assemble a bench, seat, shelf, and other items in the bathroom.

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The union between these rustic elements and materials from the industrial decoration style is also harmonious, as you can see below.

A good option to create a contrast with wood and stone is to use white and gray: with meter tiles, burnt cement, hexagonal inserts, or even a mural in these colors.

Rustic-style bathroom decor is perfect for bringing the country atmosphere indoors, with plenty of warmth for its users, whether it’s a toilet or a full bathroom.

The zen and natural bathroom model that wants us well in more than 50 photos
















































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