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12 Amazing rustic rooms you will fall in love

by Decorator
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Do you want to sit on a comfortable sofa in front of fireplace? Want to relax and enjoy the scenery and a warm and inviting decor? Then this is your place. Take a break and check out this fantastic gallery rustic rooms. You will fall in love.Some tips for decorating a rustic living room: If the room maintains original beams, wood or iron, restáuralas, paint them and give them the opportunity they deserve.
      If you must reform walls and ceilings and the house was built of stone, a good option is to leave the stonework.
     The wood floors or ceramic are the most related to the rustic style.
     If your living room you have views to the outside, give them prominence. Avoid any obstacles to the landscape.
     If possible, install a chimney: masonry or metal. They are perfect for rustic environments.
     Choose colors in the same range and playing with different shades.

     Decorate with pieces of wood: give warmth.
     Complemented by other natural materials: sisal rugs, wicker accessories
     Reserve some space to spare inheritance or auction.
     They abrígalo well with fabrics: cushions and plaids will be your allies.

Your living room is rustic? Tell us how it is in the comments of this article.

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