Home Garden Physostegia a beautiful, delicate look flower for your pot and garden

Physostegia a beautiful, delicate look flower for your pot and garden

by Eva

Physostegia a beautiful, delicate look flower for your pot and garden

Physostegia is a popular plant, not absent from many households during the summer. It loves the sun and has a beautiful, delicate look. This is one of the most sought after flowers in summer. Surely you noticed it in people’s households, but you did not know its name. Its white, long and beautiful stems stand out in a special way.

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The flowers that this beautiful plant has are white or pink, colors that represent delicacy and obedience. We also find it in florists, in beautiful combinations with other flowers. Also, you can make a bouquet of flowers just with it, the physostegia being a flower that will give you a tall, absolutely gorgeous bouquet. The origin of this flower is South America and Texas. Physostegia is a flower whose most common species is Physostegia virginiana.

This plant has a strong growth due to the numerous shoots, rhizomatous shoots that learn very quickly the surrounding land. From the bush of the plant detach the floral stems, straight, edged, reaching a height of about 1 meter.

How we take care of physostegia, a delicate flower that loves the sun

As for the right soil for this flower, physostegia needs temperate, light, clayey-sandy soils. Fisostegia loves the sun, light, but grows well in shady areas. She is loved and appreciated due to the fact that she is not very pretentious and she is. considered a rustic plant. However, it suffers on land that dries easily in summer, during hot weather.

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The plant is watered in summer only in the evening, when the heat is not too high. You can also do this very early in the morning. In the evening, the soil had time to cool down and there was no water hazard for it at this time. Mulching the soil with gravel is done after spring cleaning. This work is required in dry and sandy soils to reduce watering and make it easier to retain rainwater.

Multiplication of Physostegia

 Propagation is done by dividing the bush, but also by seeds. The division is made in spring, when the weather allows working in the garden. However, you can also choose to divide the plant in autumn, around September-October. Sowing using seeds is done approximately in May or June in nurseries, solariums or on furrows outside. The seedlings are also transplanted in one of these places, and the following spring they will be moved to the final place.

Fighting lice The lice

of the plant become a problem if it threatens this beautiful flower. The control of these lice is done with the help of insecticides. Be sure to spray the plant very well and repeat the treatment every few days. This way, you will make sure that you get rid of the problem of plant lice.

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