Home Decoration ideas 40 Super DIY pallet furniture ideas to create at home

40 Super DIY pallet furniture ideas to create at home

by Eva

45 Super DIY pallet furniture ideas to create at home

Beds, sofas, panels, tables, shelves … It is possible to make any type of furniture with pallets.

However, as it is a wooden pallet, we recommend pallet furniture only for those who like rustic or industrial-style decorations. If your idea is to set up classic environments, pallet furniture may not be the best option to decorate your home. To prove that you can furnish the four corners of your home with pallet furniture, we have put together a list of incredible pallet ideas. Check out and choose your favorite pallet furniture ideas to make.

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Pallet bed

The pallet bed is one of the easiest pieces of furniture to make. You just need to have a good amount of pallets to place next to each other and make the bed the right size for your room. The height of the pallet bed also depends on the amount of pallet you have. You can make low or higher beds, at the height of a box bed.

To complement the decor, make a pallet headboard to match the bed. It can be a simple model, or a pallet headboard from end to end on the wall. It will look beautiful.

Pallet Closet

The pallet wardrobe, on the other hand, is a more difficult piece of furniture to make. You will need a large number of wooden pallets and a good screwdriver to assemble a strong pallet closet structure.

Just like other pallet furniture, you can assemble the pallet wardrobe according to your space and with other elements, such as coat rack, boxes, and pallet shelf.

However, make a pallet cabinet only if you are skilled with the material to make sturdy and beautiful doors. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time trying to make the beautiful pallet cabinet in the room. It is easier to bet on simple and functional models. Leave the pallet cabinet for those who are used to joinery techniques.

Tip: if you are making a small and practical pallet wardrobe, put casters underneath it to take it to all sides of your home. In the case of a pallet closet, prefer to assemble niches and shelves to keep all your clothes well organized.

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Pallet panel for tv

In addition to the sofa and the coffee table, another idea to decorate your living room in style is the pallet panel for the TV. It is also super easy furniture to make, you just need to choose a number of wooden pallets to place according to your TV and, before installing on the wall, paint in a color that stands out in the environment.


Pallet table

Do you need a table in the kitchen or to decorate your balcony? Then you can make a pallet table yourself. However, we recommend the pallet table for those who need to make a small table for everyday use, with stools combining the rustic style of the environment.

Pallet shelf

The pallet bookcase cannot be missing from the decoration of the living room or bedroom. In addition to being a great decorative element, the pallet bookcase can be the perfect option to maintain organization in your home. Books, toys, picture frames … All of this looks beautiful on the shelf.

However, if you do not have space to make shelves, bet on the pallet shelf. You just have to choose a good part of the wood from the pallet to use as a shelf. Choose a beautiful color to paint your pallet shelf and decorate your home in style.

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Pallet ideas for garden

The pallet is a great material to use in the garden. Cheap and super versatile, it is possible to make beautiful vertical gardens and a pallet planter to fill your garden with plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens.










































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