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Old teapot as a garden decoration: 20 original upcycling ideas to imitate

by Eva

Old teapot as a garden decoration: 20 original upcycling ideas to imitate

So many old things can be reused in the garden. From old dishes to clothing to car tires and much more – the possibilities are simply endless. If you want to beautify your garden with original decoration, you can upcycle old objects and bring them to new life. In this post, you will find some great ideas on how to use an old teapot as a garden decoration.

Do you have some old teapots (or maybe milk or coffee pots?) At home that is deep in the kitchen cabinets or in the basement? Instead of letting them gather dust, you can turn them into an original garden decoration. So what can you do with the old teapots?

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Potted plants look just as beautiful in the garden as they do indoors. Instead of always buying new plant pots for the garden, you can simply plant the old, unused dishes. Old teapots are ideal for this purpose. Whether made of porcelain decorated with a pretty flower motif or vintage metal watering cans or jugs – the plants will make every old teapot look pretty.

This is the easiest and perhaps also the most beautiful way to reuse the old teapots in the garden. To plant a teapot, first drill a few holes in the bottom to make drainage. Then fill the vessel with potting soil and plant whatever your heart desires.

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Low-growing plants and flowers such as ground cover, spring flowers, succulents, and many more are best for planting. If you have several teapots at your disposal, you can design a corner of the garden as a pretty teapot garden.

Old teapots that are unsightly can be decorated with the decoupage technique before planting or simply painted with acrylic paints. This makes the garden decoration more atmospheric and colorful.

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