Home Terrace Scandinavian patios with Moroccan flair – Summery ideas from Tine K

Scandinavian patios with Moroccan flair – Summery ideas from Tine K

by Decorator

Scandinavian patios1

The Scandinavian trend has captured our hearts. The Nordic style is called modern, bright and natural and its come in this country to stay. Now he pulls out and makes balcony and terrace so comfortably than ever. Outdoor rugs, garden furniture made of bamboo, rattan, natural wood and beautiful accessories make the perfect mixture for a pleasant stay on the terrace in Scandinavian style.

Let the new Spring-Summer collection 2016 by Tine K Home for your Scandinavian Terrace inspired you…

Scandinavian patios2

Scandinavian patios3

Scandinavian patios4

Scandinavian patios5

Scandinavian patios6

Scandinavian patios7

Scandinavian patios8

Scandinavian patios9

Scandinavian patios10

Scandinavian patios11

Scandinavian patios12

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