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Deco Trend: White Brick walls

by Decorator
White Brick walls1
Brick walls, in their natural state, are very beautiful and many people choose to take advantage of their presence in different places of the house. Choosing such a wall you will give the space a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The same elegant effect would naturally have if you choose to paint it. The brick walls look amazing when painted in gray or black, but they look quite interesting when painted in white. Get a taste of the images below.
  • Mix décor and complete your decor with a white brick wall and rustic touches.
  •  For exclusive style to your traditional bathroom.
  • It fits perfectly in areas with industrial décor.
  • It offers unique style in the modern kitchen.
  • The combination of brick wall and wooden headrest‘d give excellent results in the decoration of the bedroom.
  • Install shelves and let the brick wall for decor.
  • It offers in your bedroom charming style and cozy.

White Brick walls2

White Brick walls3

White Brick walls4

White Brick walls5

White Brick walls6

White Brick walls7

White Brick walls8

White Brick walls9

White Brick walls10

White Brick walls11

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