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Making you own herb garden ideas

by Decorator

When we say “herb”, we mean a plant that does not create a wooden trunk and dies each winter, leaving the roots in soil.
Herbs are an important source of spices for preparing food and are used by chefs around the world to give flavor and taste.

Also, herbs can be included in cosmetics or medical products for aromatic and medicinal purposes.

In the past these miraculous plants were useful and necessary in many areas. Mainly for the preparation of dishes and sweets as well as natural preservatives on meat before refrigeration was invented. Even for  perfumes,for  painting and protecting  fabrics and especially for treating and preventing diseases.

Over the years people have stopped growing herbs and prefer to buy them dried from stores. Today more and more are cultivating herbs in their garden to gain the freshness and the taste of the fresh plant, as well as the safety of organic farming.

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Nothing can be compared with the taste of a meal  prepared with fresh vegetables and herbs. Even the vegetables we buy from the grocery store or the soup market, may not exceed the taste of those fresh aromatic herbs or vegetables cut a few minutes before cooking. Creating a garden near our kitchen, it’s  a good way for us to make sure we have a constant flow of fresh herbs and fresh delicious vegetables available.

What makes the whole process easier is that  creating a garden next to our kitchen requires a small space. Even if you live in a small apartment with a small or even without a yard, this is no obstacle. You can have a small garden.

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If you want to create a small kitchen garden on your balcony, you can combine large pots with different kinds of aromatic herbs, vegetables, etc.

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The kitchen gardens, apart from the production and use of products in our daily life, can offer great aesthetic satisfaction. And if the cultivation of some vegetables requires more space and a garden, we can all have the satisfaction  to cut a bunch of fragrant mint, a sprig of oregano, sage, celery or basil when we cook,  even if the only space available is a very small balcony.

Organize your space. Outline the area you want, clean the area very well and create geometric shapes, eg squares measuring 1×1 meter. Outline the edges with hard materials like ceramics, bricks, blocks, stones, or even plants.

Making your own herb garden will make you feel very happy and satisfy, and for give you the inpiration we have collect for you amazing ideas to help you start….

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