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Magical fairies in the garden – ideas for a fantasy decoration

by Eva

Magical fairies in the garden – ideas for a fantasy decoration

We know that you also share our love for the outdoors. No matter how small or large your garden is, it is an outdoor space that can feed your imagination and allow you to lose yourself for a while. Good food for the soul. We think that if you feel a bit capricious with the summer, you will like our beautiful garden ideas from a fairy tale.

We are not saying that you turn your yard into a place full of trinkets and ornaments of gaudy colors that you see there, but you can take note of some original details that you can achieve with your imagination and a little extra help.

A Fairytale House design

The roots and trunk of a tree are the perfect places for a bit of creativity, particularly if there are gaps or holes in and around the base of the trunk. Create a small path to the gap and place a miniature door in space. You can use an old dollhouse door or make your own. This is perfect if you do not have space for a full-sized tree house.

Something practically essential inside a fairy garden is the lights scattered everywhere. We love these colorful flowers that illuminate the fence, they look lovely.

How To Make Wonderful Vintage Gardens With Old, Recycled Objects

If you want more inspiration just check following images






















Cozy vintage backyard


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