Home Garden Great decoration ideas for gardens – More than 80 photos

Great decoration ideas for gardens – More than 80 photos

by Eva

Great decoration ideas for gardens

Surely you have ever the thought about what would be your perfect garden prototype, but the ideas have always been only in your imagination. Now it’s time to discover the most attractive, versatile and economical garden ideas. In this article we present you more than 80 pictures of gardens and a video of how to make decorations for the garden, you alone at home. I assure you that I will give you many new ideas, very useful and practical.

Original DIY Planters Ideas for Backyards

The most important thing when decorating your garden would be to first choose what is most practical for yourselves. I mean several components: the space you have, what you like and the money you have saved to invest in your garden. In the picture,s you will see some examples of cheaper gardens and other more expensive. There will be everything. These are the ideas that I bring to you:

All the old pots that you have at home can be restored and used as decoration, changing its usefulness. For example, an old painted clay pot can be transformed into a decoration for the garden. We can hang it from the ceiling so that it looks like the waterfalls from it. In the photos below, you will see what I mean.


The metal cubes are very versatile when decorating the patio. They can be used to plant flowers inside and put them in a beautiful place or on some wooden stairs that we use as decoration for flower stalls, for example.

Hammock, typical for decorating our home garden. It can be hanging hammock to sit or spreader or the traditional jungle type tied to the trees. For those who can spend more money, a good hammock would also be to lie down, but put on the ground and fastened to an iron structure.


The puff or foam mattress is ideal for the garden. We can put an umbrella in the rest area and enjoy the good time outdoors. The good thing about puffs is that we can store them anywhere since they do not take up so much space.


Temporary decoration As ideas for gardens I mean some paper ornament in different colors, for example. As it is going to spoil with the rains, we could have it temporarily.


Old bicycles They are ideal for a vintage garden and can be used in very different ways such as decorating them with flowers, painting them with more vivid colors or hanging plaques with inscriptions on them.

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You want more great for gardens just check following images








































































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