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Decorate in a modern way with macrame table runners

by Eva

Decorate in a modern way with macrame table runners

The macrame table runner is actually a striking example of traditional decoration. But could it possibly also spice up a table and thus a room in a modern way? The answer is clearly “yes” and you have a wide range of options. You could and should decorate both the interior and a table outside with a macrame table runner. We can prove it to you with our wonderful pictures.

Ideas for modern decoration with a macrame table runner

Transform small seating areas into something special

The macrame table runner is combined with a larger dining table. But there are also smaller variants, which would look wonderful together with a small side table. Such jazzed-up little pieces of furniture could turn the gloomy corners of your home into charming seating.

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Choose original patterns

The macrame braiding art offers a large variety of very different patterns. But you don’t always get enough from it. Before you decide on your perfect piece, you should look at various ideas, including those that are exotic and unknown to you. You can choose between Nordic macrame and those with exotic oriental patterns or a boho style. All these together offer great variety and allow for quite an original choice.

A minimalist and at the same time original design would definitely make your decoration look more interesting.

Unusual colors

Does the macrame table runner have to be in a neutral color? There are no such rules and yet it seems to be the way to go most of the time. Among other things, you could choose a really original color for your macrame table runner. In addition to the diverse macrame yarns on the market, these can be dyed, among other things. Here are tips for shading cotton. Jute macrame can also be re-dyed. It would only be a bit more difficult with textile yarn. In this case, it is better to leave the original color.

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Combine several macrame patterns with each other

You can combine several macrame table runners in a beautiful dining room as well as on the balcony or terrace. In this way, you will make the table a colorful accent in the room. On the other hand, it would be possible to weld together different styles that dominate in the respective interior or exterior.

Modern geometric patterns correspond to the structure of the macrame table runner. For this reason, it looks completely natural when you combine the two. You also have the opportunity to accent modern, seamless geometric shapes. This approach would make the macrame table decoration look particularly modern.

Surprise with shapes, dimensions, and positioning

The macrame table runner does not necessarily have to be aligned in the middle of the table and elongated. Round, oval or star-shaped shapes are also very popular.


















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