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Ideas for great diy custom tables

by Eva

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Today we want to share with you these precious photos of custom tables. If you like crafts, this article will delight you, because everything you are going to see you can do it yourself.

If you are thinking of giving a new look to your dining room, garden, balcony or lounge, we propose that, before you start to buy new furniture, observe these ideas to customize tables.

Unusual Fairy Tale Furnitures for any room

Wall Stickers

As we have seen many times, decorative vinyl is an excellent resource for easy and economical decoration. Today there are many vinyl online stores that offer stickers for furniture. If you are looking for cheap ideas to decorate, consider the vinyl for tables, you will not regret it, because with very little money you can give a renewed look to the living room, kitchen or dining room. Best of all is that if you get bored with the design you just have to change it and finished.

Custom tables with painting

And we do not refer simply to painted tables, but rather to tables intervened with painting. As an example we have chosen these beautiful tables made with recycled cable reels. That yes, with an addition, and is that they have been used as a canvas to capture their work of art. Do you like to draw? Why not do it at your garden table? If it is true, table vinyls are easy to install, but we can not deny that the painted tables look much better, because they show the craftsmanship to the naked eye.

Tables with mosaiquismo

We love the technique of Mosaiquism, the truth that whatever is done with it draws much attention. And custom tables with mosaics are no exception. It’s just a question of having the materials. If you do not dedicate yourself to this, surely the main question that will arise is “where do I get mosaics?”. Well, it will be a matter of thinking a little. Maybe some friend, relative or neighbor is or was in the works, always break some pieces and discarded. Another alternative is to approach a house of building materials where they sell tiles and ask them if they have disposal parts.

Custom tables for children

And back to the painted tables, we have found some ideas for customizing children’s tables. The first one we love, ideal for a kindergarten, it is a picnic table decorated with the hands of the children and their names. Excellent idea! Make them spend a special day for the children and the result: a personalized table for themselves.

Tables with stencils

If we talk about personalized tables we can not stop talking about the popular stencils, so prevalent today, not only in the world of decoration, but also in the world of fashion.

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