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How to grow, plant, and care Geranium sanguineum or Bloody Cranesbill in your garden

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How to grow, plant, and care Geranium sanguineum or Bloody Cranesbill in your garden

Are you looking to add a splash of color and beauty to your garden this season? If so, consider planting Geranium sanguineum or Bloody Cranesbill. This low-maintenance flower is perfect for any level of the gardener and will bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor space. Here’s how you can grow, plant, and care for Geranium sanguineum in your garden.

Grow: Before getting started with planting the flowers, it’s important that you create an ideal environment for them first. Choose a spot in the sun that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day as well as one with well-drained soil. Make sure the area has plenty of room around it so there is enough air circulation when watering or during rainstorms too.

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Plant: Once ready to plant these beautiful blooms into their new home, dig a hole twice as wide but just deep enough so they are planted at ground level (about 5-6 cm). Place two seeds per hole then cover lightly with soil before gently patting down on top – no need to press firmly here! Watering regularly will help ensure germination occurs within 10 days or less depending on weather conditions outside.

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Care: After germination has occurred be sure not to water too frequently otherwise root rot could occur due to its susceptibility towards wet soils; once every 5–7 days should suffice unless experiencing drought-like conditions where more frequent watering may be needed (just make sure drainage remains optimal!). Fertilizing every 4 weeks throughout spring/summer months helps promote healthy growth while deadheading spent blossoms encourages even more flowering later on down the line – a win-win situation! Additionally removing any weeds from around them prevents competition over resources such as nutrient uptake etcetera which would lead eventually lead to stunted growth if left unattended long term wise speaking.

The vibrant red petals found within Geranium Sanguineum make it an eye-catching addition that stands out amongst other plants located nearby – something we all love seeing come alive in our gardens right? With minimal effort required alongside proper maintenance practices followed through religiously this species surely won’t disappoint those seeking some extra coloration outdoors during warmer seasons ahead.

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