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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space

by Eva

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space

A coffee table is the ideal piece of furniture to create a focal point in your living room, which is just what your living room needs. How can you choose the right coffee table in a world where there are many designs, styles, and materials? The key is to know what style you want, the size you are looking for, and the available storage options when shopping for your new coffee table. 

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, from hip city condo style to rustic farmhouse. Learn how to choose coffee tables that will not only enhance the aesthetic of your living space but also become an essential part of your living space.

To find the right coffee table, it is essential to shop around a bit. You must choose something that is functional, stylish, and practical. Whether you go with something antique or a modern piece from Kasala, it’s possible to choose the right coffee table for your space. 

Storage Space

Living rooms need to have enough storage space to be comfortable. You can hide remotes and magazines in coffee tables that have drawers. When you’ve got extra throw blankets, flip-top tables with hidden storage compartments are a great choice.

In some coffee tables, the sloping top can be raised to serve as a work surface or as a place to eat while sitting on the sofa. If you are trying to decide which format is best for your family, you need to consider how much storage they will need.

Choose a Size

A coffee table that fits your space is crucial when perusing the endless sea of options. You should choose a table that sits about one to two inches lower than your couch cushions or at the same height as them. A table that is too high will seem awkward, and it might take up too much space. 

Your table should have a total clearance of up to 24 inches around it, and it can be shaped however you like. As a general rule, your table should be at most two-thirds of the length of your sofa in terms of its overall dimensions. To help you choose the right size for your living room, measure the area where your coffee table will be placed.


Choose a Style

The next step is determining what style will work best in your living room after choosing the best size for your coffee table. Listed below are some examples of different styles to help you decide which aesthetic is right for your home:

  • Choose a wood coffee table with metal hardware on the drawers or legs for an industrial, rustic, or farmhouse-inspired look.
  • An unusual nature-inspired silhouette or a live edge top on a coffee table will give it a natural or rustic vibe.
  • Modern coffee tables with metallic accents and unusual shapes may suit your contemporary tastes.
  • Metal frame and legs with a solid stone top make a great coffee table for contemporary décor and for those who love modern design.

Finding the perfect coffee table for your home may take some time. Follow these tips to help you find the piece that is right for your room.

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