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How to grow Brussels sprouts in pots and your garden

by Eva

How to grow Brussels sprouts in pots and your garden

Brussels sprouts are a cold weather crop that are in the same family as cabbage. Brussels sprouts are a garnish that are packed with vitamins and minerals. Although they have a long growing season, Brussels sprouts will increase in flavor after a few snowfalls. Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts with this super easy to follow gardening guide and reap the delicious benefits of this wonderful vegetable.

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  • Start by sowing the seed indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last snowfall in the spring.
  • Alternatively, you can also start the seeds outdoors 4 months before the first fall snowfall, although we recommend starting them indoors for best results.
  • Raised flower beds are recommended when growing Brussels sprouts as they are a cold weather vegetable and the weather can change dramatically.
  • A few days before transplanting, add a little fertilizer to the soil.
  • Sow the seedlings 30-60 cm apart.
  • If you are sowing the seeds directly into the ground, plant them 1/2 inch deep, and 2-3 inches apart. Once the plants are 15 cm tall, crowd them 30-60 cm apart.
  • Water well after sowing.


Fertilize three weeks after transplanting. Fertilize well to retain moisture and keep the soil cool. Since the roots are shallow and prone to damage, do not force it.

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You can harvest the Brussels sprouts from the base of the stem once they are 2,5-3 cm in diameter. Don’t wash cabbages before storing – just before using. If you’re planning a winter harvest, keep Brussels sprouts safe by covering straw.
























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