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How To Design A Garden Spa

by Eva

How To Design A Garden Spa

When you hear the word spa, you probably associate it with indoor spaces only found in hotels and luxury places. However, it isn’t entirely true. A spa doesn’t have to be indoors, and neither does it have to be in a hotel. 

Garden spas are popping up these days – incorporating relaxing treatments and the tranquility of nature in one space. Homeowners are also setting up garden spas in their backyards. Does this intrigue you? Are you contemplating adopting a garden spa as well?


Here’s a guide to help you design it:

Invest In A Spa Pool

One of the resources you require is a spa pool. By definition, it’s a jetted pool with hot water in which you relax. The jets will give you the same result as a massage, helping you ease all the tension. 

As you purchase these pools, you’ll realize there are many vendors and brands, which might make the buying process challenging. Ensure you source the pool from vendors like Trueform Spas, who sell high-quality spa pools and have a warranty to back up the pool’s quality.

These pools come in different sizes, hence the need to consider the available space in your garden. The size of the spa pool should be enough to meet your needs while providing space for other garden uses.


Add Amenities

As you soak in your spa pool and relax in the garden, you don’t want to travel far and wide to get your water bottle, towel, or other drinks. Based on this, it’s best to add amenities to your garden spa. 

Add a storage room for clothes and other personal items. Suppose you’re adding a garden spa to your home – you can have a small bar area for your drinks nearby. It’ll prevent situations where you have to walk into your home to get a drink; you’ll wet your floors, adding to its maintenance needs. 

If the garden spa is for commercial purposes, the amenities you provide should be large enough to host the number of clients enjoying the facility.

Add A Seating Area

A garden spa without any seats can be quite inconvenient. Where would you relax when you aren’t soaked? Do you have to go inside? Based on this, adding a seating area to your garden spa design is important. 

To maintain the nature theme of your garden spa, you can choose seating with natural materials like wood, abaca, rattan, and other woven materials. You can also build a gazebo or pergola near the spa pool. Should you get tired of soaking in the pool, you can take a break here as you sunbathe. A patio pad and a hammock are also great seating options for your garden pool. Be sure to add an umbrella to serve those who want a sunshade to relax.

As you add seating areas, you might worry about your furniture wearing out due to exposure to rain and other weather elements. It’s best to use outdoor furniture. These are meant for outdoor spaces and won’t deteriorate with moisture exposure. It’ll be quite beneficial to add foam pads to your furniture for comfort since they’re often hard. Ensure the pads are waterproof to increase their longevity in your garden spa. 


Adopt Lighting 

In most cases, you can easily see the beauty of your garden spa during the day. What about at night? You can easily illuminate your spa at night using lighting. Since the garden spa is a relaxation element, the lighting should add to this need. 

One way to do this is by using warm instead of brilliant white light. You also want to illuminate the highlights of your garden spa. Consider installing underwater lights, preferably blue ones, in your spa pool. It’ll have a wonderful effect on the water’s appearance, making it seem like you’re in the ocean. 

If there’s a tree, hang string and fairy lights around it for a dreamy look. Lanterns around the edges of the garden are also a great addition, ensuring the entire area, besides the pool, is visible. 

As you incorporate lighting, you might worry about electricity expenses. However, it shouldn’t worry you much. You can adopt energy-efficient lighting solutions, like LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. These consume less electricity and last longer.



The spa pool in your garden spa shouldn’t be the only thing that makes this area relaxing. Besides showing you how to add a spa pool to your garden spa, this article has further guided you on designing this space for more ambiance. As someone looking to invest in a garden spa, consider implementing the guide herein. The insight will make the process faster and easier, letting you enjoy your garden span within no time.




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