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Design a maritime garden: 25 cool ideas & helpful tips

by Eva

Design a maritime garden: 25 cool ideas & helpful tips

When it comes to how to make a maritime garden, it is usually oceanfront terrain. Coastal regions are characterized by a very warm, sometimes even hot and dry climate and a specific flora. However, coastal gardens are often planted in areas with harsher weather conditions. The only important thing is to choose the right plants.

The proximity to the sea has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, an individual approach is required in each case. The main drawback, as a rule, is the rather strong wind that blows from the sea and the salinity in the air. Unfortunately, this can be fatal for some plants. On the other hand, the proximity of the water makes the climate milder, especially in winter, so that the temperature drops do not have a negative effect on the plants.

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In general, a wide variety of different plant species can thrive in a marine garden. If you plan the landscaping properly and protect the plants from the wind, the garden would look gorgeous! It is not necessary to erect high walls around the garden property to act as wind protection. Planting trees and large shrubs, mainly evergreens, does an excellent job as they protect the garden from the wind, do not obstruct the view of the sea and do not violate natural harmony.

Many people are fascinated by ideas for the design of a maritime garden, especially by the romantic landscapes in the Mediterranean style with climbing plants, aromatic herbs, arches, pavilions and water features. If you are one of these people, in this post we will give you a few ideas for your own garden that you might like.

What are the main features of a garden by the sea?

When you start planning your outdoor space, it is important to understand the key features of seaside gardens. For example:

  • Simple design
  • Weather and wind protection necessary
  • Shade protection necessary
  • Space for outdoor dining
  • Water features as an important element
  • robust and hardy planting
  • great prospects

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It is especially important to consider the location of your property and the conditions as these will affect the plant species. Winds naturally have a greater impact on gardens that are almost on the coast than on areas that are far from the sea. High winds limit the variety of plant species you can choose from. In such cases, you prefer to concentrate on the architectural elements of a coastal garden design: for example cobblestones, courtyards, paths, etc.

Of course, this does not mean that you only have to limit yourself to lawns and the most resilient and undemanding species. Sensitive specimens can usually be planted in buckets, hanging baskets and pots. And if necessary, the plants can be brought into the house, placed under a canopy or against a wall.

Designing a maritime garden: What are the challenges?

Another challenge to be aware of is the fact that the soil in coastal gardens is usually dry, sandy, or stony. That means it won’t hold moisture for long after watering or rain. That is why you need drought-loving plant species. Various materials are used for paving courtyards and paths: stone, brick, decorative tiles, sandstone, wood, paving stones, etc. The spaces between the slabs are filled with drought-resistant grass.

Turning a coastal garden into a little paradise: ideas and suggestions

Shade and protection – these are important elements in designing a coastal garden if you want to stay outdoors as much as possible. There are many options (pergolas, pavilions, etc.) that protect you from the sun’s rays during the day and from the wind at night. Garden lighting is essential and you need to plan for it in advance. Whether you prefer bright light or subtle, romantic lighting, make sure it is installed before planting.

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If you can see the ocean and hear the sound of the waves, you’re really in luck. However, if you are further from the coast, a water feature, small pond or pool in the garden will look very impressive. Last but not least, you need to choose your coastal garden style. Mediterranean, tropical, Cape Cod, gravel and rocks, cottage gardens – everyone has their own special features. For example, Mediterranean gardens are rich in bright colors – orange, gold, nautical blue, white, red, purple, and green. You can also choose a theme – nautical decor, beach and sea, Provence, Italy, island oasis, rock garden, etc.





















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