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10 Vintage Garden Design Ideas to Try

by Eva

10 Vintage Garden Design Ideas to Try

While people love to make their homes look unique by purchasing unique outdoor light fixtures, painting their front doors or even giving their mailboxes a makeover, there are a few upgrades that can make such a statement as a vintage garden design.

Vintage garden decoration can add a tremendous amount of charm and appeal to a home, helping to transform an otherwise ordinary house into the most magical abode on the block.

If you are interested in having a standout domicile and incorporating fun antique or vintage pieces from inside your home into the garden, check out these 10 vintage garden design ideas that will add a new dimension of creativity and beauty to your yard.

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  1. An Outdoor Seating Area

Since you are looking to turn your garden into something worthy of admiration, then it only makes sense to include a space from which it can be properly appreciated. Therefore, including an outdoor seating area composed of vintage patio furniture like a classic white table and chair set will be a perfect fit for your garden’s new look.

  1. A Decorative Vintage Fence

Right now, your garden’s wooden fence is likely pretty plain. However, you can give it a distinctive feel by mounting old plates on it, hanging antique plaques or propping an old wooden step ladder up against it and placing potted plants on each ascending step.

If you are going to spruce up your fence and give it a vintage feel, then it is a given that you should also pick up some outdoor gate hardware to match, thus giving your garden a deeper sense of authenticity.

  1. An Herb-Drying Doorknob Rack

Another fantastic addition to a vintage fence or even a large propped-up piece of reclaimed wood is to harvest and mount antique door knobs for hanging herbs and flowers to dry.

By staggering mounted knobs, you can include a unique but functional antique piece of character to your garden.

  1. A Repurposed Metal Wheelbarrow

Something that can add a fantastic touch to just about any vintage garden is to grab an old, rusted-out metal barrow or wagon and turn it into a wheelbarrow planter.

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Creating a wheelbarrow planter will add greater quality and dimension to your garden with its height and quirkiness. Plus, this is something that doesn’t need to be rooted in a specific spot (forgive the pun), as it can be moved around quickly and easily.

  1. A Stone Water Fountain

While stone water fountains on their own do not scream “vintage,” there are indeed certain styles that do fit the bill. A beautiful antique stone water fountain is a great way to add gravitas to your garden while still facilitating lots of relaxation.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit more peculiar, you can go the DIY route and build an antique hand pump fountain to maintain consistency throughout your garden.

  1. A Wrought Iron Fence Trellis

A wrought iron trellis can be a fantastic accent piece for vintage garden designs, as the heavy rusted iron will stand in stark contrast to the delicate plant vines. However, if a mere wrought iron fence section feels lacking in character and you have a bit more space to fill, there is an alternative way to approach this idea.

  1. An Antique Bed Frame Trellis

You can also create a garden trellis by using the headboard of an antique bed frame, thereby providing a sense of continuity to your already quirky garden space. If you have the room, you can also use the entire bed frame and allow greenery and trailing vines to make it their home, thereby providing an even greater level of uniqueness to your garden.

  1. An Antique Ladder Flower Pot Display

As mentioned earlier, you can use a small step ladder as part of your vintage fence design. However, if you want to take this concept to its logical conclusion, you can also opt to set it up as a centerpiece to your garden, placing potted plants or water cans on each of the steps. This is a fantastic way to add additional layers of depth to your vintage garden design.

  1. DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jar lanterns have been popular for quite a while, thanks to those with more DIY-type sensibilities. Fortunately, they will work perfectly in any vintage garden design.

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These can be strung up throughout any garden, thereby helping to add to the overall ambiance and feel of the space while simultaneously helping to illuminate it for nighttime strolls.

  1. Hanging Wooden Fruit Boxes or Antique Wash Tub Planter

Depending on the look and feel you are going for, you can hang either old wooden fruit boxes or one of those aged, galvanized wash tubs, using planter hooks, and fill them with beautiful flowers or cascading plants. No matter which option you decide suits your garden best, this will look great in your vintage garden and add a bit more personality overall.

Infuse Your Garden with Charm

Vintage garden designs are a fantastic way to personalize your garden and make it an incredibly special place to spend items. All of the ideas listed above will undoubtedly help to transform your garden space into something that is uniquely you and, therefore, even more enjoyable.

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