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How to arrange your vegetable garden and what to plant in July-August

by Eva

How to arrange your vegetable garden and what to plant in July-August

Discover how to take care of your vegetable garden and what to plant here in July and August to enjoy tasty and healthy vegetables.

Even if we don’t have a lot of work in the garden in July, we still have to keep the cleanliness here and make sure that the vegetables do not get harmful. Take care of the garden, get rid of weeds, take care to break the dry leaves, and be careful of pests. This month you also enjoy the fruits of your work so far and you reap the fruits and vegetables that you have planted and grown.

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Check the production daily

In the month of the production, the production in the garden must be checked daily. Moreover, to support production you must always pick fruits and vegetables that are ready to be eaten.

Use specific treatments to remove pests and make sure you put vegetables for the winter. In this way, you will have tasty, healthy, and good vegetables in the cold season.

What vegetables do we sow in July

July is a time when you can sow vegetables such as goulash, autumn potatoes, cabbage, green beans, or dill. You can also plant beets, cucumbers, or winter radishes.

Enjoy all these vegetables if you have a yard and do not hesitate to plant them there. In this way, you will be able to prepare a lot of tasty dishes and enjoy your loved ones with healthy foods.

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Get inspired by the photo gallery below when it comes to arranging your vegetable garden. Prepare a space for your vegetables, no matter how small your yard is. To take advantage of extra space, you can also opt for vertical gardens in which to plant a lot of aromatic herbs.




















Images via: ideipentrucasa

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