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39 Great ideas for low cost outdoor dining areas that look amazing

by Eva

Great ideas for low cost outdoor dining areas that look amazing

With the very first market research for garden furniture and especially dining tables and chairs, you will easily find that most of the quality-satisfactory and … non-plastic solutions have been priced as much as … your regular dining room.

Some such wooden or metal furniture, of course, justify their price, not only because of design, comfort, etc. but mainly because of their special treatment to be more resistant to external weather conditions, some other totally unrealistic is simply … very expensive even at discounts times or offers.

The central surface of an outdoor table can be an old door, simple boards nailed together, the wood of a pallet that you will solve and re-assemble into any design / shape / size you want, a piece of marble if you get it somewhere in economic price, any single piece of wood that even thrown you might find it etc .. while as a foot, the base of such a bank can be cut to the appropriate height of dry logs, simple woods or planks, any kind of metal base, made of bricks, bricks etc which will be painted with plaster and will get any final look you want etc.

Beautiful outdoor Dining area Ideas


As well as chairs can be used any type of seats, benches, chairs, made with corresponding materials etc as well as any type / type of economic chairs wherever you find them and of course and do not need to be “set” with the table.
The total cost to “make” such a dining table for your balcony or garden is clearly lower than any size available ready to go, even if you do not have the necessary tools / knowledge and get it just the wood or any other material and assign to a carpenter or craftsman just to “fit” them in the form you want.

Depending on their material, pass such handmade outdoor furniture with a special varnish for protection against water, humidity, etc. while the most appropriate way to withstand intact for many many summers is the winter months, of course, if you do not use them, wrap them with a thick nylon to protect them from rain, snow.

Ideas for decorating outdoor tables













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