Home Decoration ideas Meet the modern Farmhouse through 20 fantastic details and ideas

Meet the modern Farmhouse through 20 fantastic details and ideas

by Eva

Meet the modern Farmhouse through 20 fantastic details and ideas

The Modern Farmhouse is a very popular style of decoration that is entering more and more homes, combining the nostalgia of the past with the present.

At the Modern Farmhouse or Modern Farm – as you can also see it written – you will find elements of romance, a plethora of natural materials and a pervasive nostalgia for the time when “things were made by hand and stronger”.

85 Creative farmhouse decorating ideas for interiors that will amaze you

As we know that in art and in our case there is no parthenogenesis in decoration, you will notice that the Modern Farmhouse borrows ideas from Industrial, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Mid-Century Modern and rarely Bohemian or Minimalist decoration. This is because the style has been influenced by large farmhouses and luxury farms from 1940 to 1960, but modernizing the style to this day. We will focus on what is applicable to the today reality. There is nothing left but to get to know the modern Farmhouse through 20 fantastic images.

One of the easiest solutions to make beautiful vases is to take old-fashioned bottles and print a retro sticker. So it will be reminiscent of an old bottle of whiskey or a bottle of medicine from the beginning of the last century.

The details we really liked are the wooden retro wall clock and the beautiful old-fashioned chairs that are in blue cobalt and lapis lazuli. Both watches and chairs are available in similar designs in the  market at affordable prices.

Check for more optical ideas in following images.



















Images via: Pinterest

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