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Gray walls in the interior – elegant and not boring at all

by Eva

Gray walls in the interior – elegant and not boring at all

If you are one of those who think that gray is not interesting, I suggest you take a look at our current collection of photos of interesting interiors with gray walls.

Gray walls inside
Shades of Grey

There are many options for gray, everyone can choose what is ideal for their interior. It differs not only in the degree of saturation (from light pearl to slate), but also in temperature, because it can be both hot and cold. If the windows face south or southeast, designers recommend using cool variations of light gray. For rooms where there is not much natural light, it is better to choose gray with warm notes. The flexibility of gray will allow you to make an interesting interior even without the use of other colors, if you combine different shades.

Wonderful decoration ideas to highlight your gray sofa


Gray walls can be made of different materials, which distinguishes it from many colors – in almost every line of any material you will find gray options. It can be not only a painted wall, but also panels, wallpaper, wood, brick, concrete and more. The initial choice of material compensates for the neutrality of this color.

Options for color combinations

The combination of gray with any color is harmonious, but there are some of the most successful. Specifically:

How to decorate a gray room and what colors combine perfect with Gray

Black and white. Together or separately, this is the perfect key combination.

Beige and sand. The interior with this combination looks harmonious, without unnecessary color stimuli.

Blue and cyan. It is important to choose cool shades of gray, because they look best in this combination.

Yellow. A good choice if you want to add brightness and sunshine to a gray room.

Pink and purple. In combination with the shades of gray they create a romantic mood, so very often such a combination can be found in the bedroom or in the girl’s room. The desired result can be achieved with a combination of pink and neutral or pearl gray.

Green. This combination is often found in rooms with a relaxing effect, where natural patterns are felt.

Red and purple. To create dynamic rich interiors.























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