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Amazing room design ideas for a teenager boy 12-16 years old

by Eva

Amazing room design ideas for a teenager boy 12-16 years old

With growing up, children increasingly have a need for personal space and a personal children’s room, and this is especially pronounced in adolescence from 12 to 16 years. Of course, in order to achieve this, and to make the interior of the boy’s room functional, and the design practical and not expensive, parents need to try. Let us analyze the ideas of design and practical advice of how to equip the modern room of a teenager boy.

Practical and creative study areas for children and teenagers

Rules for the design of a teenager’s room 12-16 years old

You must let the boy make his room the way he wants. You need to understand that this is his territory, and there he should feel comfortable.
The atmosphere of the room should inspire him to new ideas and accomplishments, because it is here that he can make his first school science project, or write the first verse, pick up the first melody. All this has a huge impact on the future life.
In his room, he must understand that this is the place where he can be himself, then he will not have to look for such a place somewhere else.
Choose together with him the design of the room and think over the furniture.
You can give advice, discuss the pros and cons, while listening to his opinion, and realizing that the last word in this matter lies with him.

There are many different options for the design and design of rooms for boys. Here we collected the most interesting ideas and sorted them into groups.

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Vinyl stickers
In adolescence, hobbies and tastes are quite volatile, so views on the design of a room can change.
Vinyl stickers on the walls are good because they can be removed when the drawing gets bored, and changed to new ones, more appropriate to the taste.
If you use paint, then to change the picture will have to do repairs, but with stickers everything is much easier and cheaper.

Design that emphasizes interest in sports

Many of the adolescent boys are fond of sports and various modern youth activities. Someone loves to play football and does not miss a single match of their favorite team, someone has the same situation with basketball or volleyball, boxing or swimming, etc.

TIP: Special shelves make it possible to instantly take a skateboard and go skiing, and when it is on the ledge, it looks like a decorative element.

Design, taking into account the boy’s hobby
Is your son a comic fan? Or maybe he enjoys music and wants to be a rock star? Or wants to explore the depths of the sea? Any passion for the child can be used to design his room, and in such a room he will definitely feel “at ease”.

Photo decoration
These can be photos of idols of a teenager, nature, or showing important moments for him. The latter are particularly relevant, because photos with friends and family will constantly remind the child that he has people who love and support him. And it’s just nice to look at different happy moments.

Those are only a few ideas but if you want more optical inspiration just check followin images.
































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