Home Decoration ideas DIY Candles – 42 great ideas for original decorations

DIY Candles – 42 great ideas for original decorations

by Eva

DIY Candles – 42 great ideas for original decorations

If you like candles and are a fan of simple home decor this article is for you, do not miss our tips on devising an original design to refresh the look of your home to welcome all seasons as they deserve.

DIY Autumn decorations with beautiful and colorful candles

Let’s start with a design that we felt really original and interesting. Anyone can make these precious candles in shells, all they need is shells, wax, and thread.

If possible, select larger shells in depth to make your wax larger. Then you just need to melt the wax and pour it into the shell. Finally, we add the thread to the center leaving one end.

See the images below for even more original ideas.








































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