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How to make the most trendy DIY Handmade Candles with… Ice

by Eva

How to make the most trendy DIY Handmade Candles with… Ice

Diy Handmade candles are particularly impressive from Paraffin or remnants of glowing candles and ice. The process of making them is essentially no different from the general way of making handmade candles in molds, with the only difference that before filling the mold with melted paraffin you will place it in … ice cubes.

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The melted wax solidifies around the ice, while the ice-covered areas remain empty, giving the candles of this form a particularly striking appearance.


Initially place in the mold where you will use the wick, according to the general way of making handmade candles.

Then fill the mold container with ice cubes and add the melted paraffin.

When the candle has solidified, remove it from the mold.
If the wax may have left some ice water in the mold after the wax has solidified, empty it before deflating the wax and leave the wax for 1-2 days on absorbent paper before burning.

You can, of course, use any shape-size mold, white or colored paraffin, and many shades of melted wax, add candle flavor, etc. And generally with the exception of ice, you will work as if it were a typical candle making.


What really shapes and changes the final look of the candle is the size of the ice cubes you will use. The bigger the larger the holes on the surface of the candle will eventually become, and if you want the candle to have a “lacy” look with very small gaps, use crushed ice to place the ice cubes in a blender.



If you want the wax underneath to have a compact, free space, first place a small amount of paraffin in the mold and once it has solidified add the ice cubes and the rest of the melted wax.

The simplest materials-utensils you can use to make handmade candles of this type are plastic or paper food packages, glazed candle residues as a basic raw material, simple candle-coloring waxes (after you cut them into small pieces) place them together with candles on a ben Mari) and a ready thin and long candle instead of a wick.

Residues and candles of this form can, of course, be refined and reused to make handmade candles of any type.


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