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Beautiful decorations with painted stones

by Eva

Beautiful decorations with painted stones

On your next walk don’t forget to collect the stones you find, of all sizes and shapes, since you can make with them, a little painting and ingenuity beautiful decorations. You can create from a daisy, a cactus, or a whole decorative landscape that will give color and freshness to your home or garden.
If after seeing these examples the artist you carry inside comes out and you cheer up, these are some useful tips if you are going to paint stones:

Talent and imagination – 25 creative DIY ideas for transforming pebbles in decorative objects

Use stones with a smooth texture
Before starting, wash and dry the stones very well
Apply a couple of layers of paint but let it dry between one and another pass
If you do not get the drawing do not worry since you can use paper napkins with a cute design and decorate with the decoupage technique.
Or you can draw patterns on stones and paint them with acrylic paint or tempera paints. You can also use permanent markers or oil-based markers that are special for painting stone (or glass)
Once the entire decoration process is finished, you should varnish it to protect it from external influences and use it for a long time.
If you do not have varnish, you can also paint with clear nail polish.
Now, look at the following examples that will surely inspire you.

You can start with the simplest such as cactus. This proposal is one of my favorites, because it is simple and original and because you will not have problems if you never water them.

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