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Decorating bedroom, 5 basic tips to decorate your bedroom perfectly

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Decorating bedroom? Try to bring to your mind the image, which you would like  your bedroom to have. Consider how relaxing or invigorating you would like the decoration of the bedroom to be, the colors and materials that will make you feel good and then think of what bed you would  like to have. Now  with the help of these tips, improve the already existing image of your bedroom or even better try to prepare the perfect one for you.


1.Bedroom floors.
Bedrooms are usually favored as far as their size is concerned which means that in many cases it is possible to create layers. The bed can be placed higher using a small level of about 25-30cm  making its  presence even more noticeable. For the flooring using wood is a very good choice, because on the one hand it gives warmth and a natural result and on the other hand because it can adapt to any type of decoration you decide. Choose some carpets, one large or two to three smaller of similar style.They will easily warm the space from its “base”!




2.Bed and bedroom furniture.
Choosing the bed is very important since this furniture can incorporate the bedside tables or even the storage space for linens. It is advisable to get simple furniture  for the rest of the furnishing. A lot of  furniture means an overloaded space that means lack of rest.



3.Bedroom walls and vertical elements.
Difficult but crucial decision, the choice we make for the walls. In the bedrooms, the most preferable colors are the pastel like pink, some blue, off-white. The more adventurous of you can  choose bright colors for the wall behind the bed or even a wallpaper. Maintain a strong element in the painting and let it  not be opposite the bed. Do not forget that the bedroom is a symbol of relaxation and tranquility at home and nothing should spoil it. Leave the furniture and large objects away from sight when you’re sitting or lying on your bed. The decoration of the bedroom is based mainly on linen and lighting instead of oversized paintings and bulky objects.




4.Bedroom lighting.
The lighting here must be  ambient. Floor lamps and wall lights will bring harmony and a relaxed mood. The hidden lighting is appropriate in the case of the bedroom while the widespread dimmer enables you to adjust the lighting exactly as you wish.



5.Bedroom ceiling.
It is the top of the room if you think about it, the sight that one sees quite often when they are in the bedroom. It therefore should be approached very carefully. Try a favorite color here instead of the surrounding walls. You can even use a combination of  a false ceiling combing it with the lighting mentioned above .



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