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Decorative ideas with a fork

by Decorator

The use of  a fork  is not only for the meal but it goes far beyond it. It enables us to use it as a decorative object, transforming its ordinary use into a decorative proposal at home. How can this happen? Using every part of the fork . If you’re wondering how it is done,you can  see below various decorative ideas with a fork.

A fork can replace one handle of a kitchen cupboard. Of course, Uri Geller would be useful for us to help us bend it, however a silver fork bends more easily.

Forks can be used as hangers for cups, napkins and anything else you want to hang.

With some of the forks you no longer use, you can create a beautiful lamp. With a drill open a hole on the handle of the fork and just hang it. You can paint the forks in various colors and build a colorful lamp.

Your mother has given you that famous recipe for chocolate cake but you can’t find it? Archive all the recipes in a small fork and you will find your recipes easily.

Hang the notes you don’t want  to forget  just like  the birthdays of some people you know…






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