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Decorate your window with Christmas touches using these 43 amazing ideas

by Eva

Decorate your window with Christmas touches using these 43 amazing ideas

December is here and the excitement for the upcoming Christmas celebrations is increasing with each passing day. Still missing the festive spirit? Then it’s high time to get the Christmas decorations out of the basement and decorate the home for Christmas. It is best to start with the windows – this way the cloudy weather outside will no longer bother you and you will immediately feel the atmosphere of the festival. If you need some inspiration, check out our DIY Christmas window decoration ideas – they’re easy to make and can be done in an afternoon.

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The view from the window is not always the most beautiful in winter. You usually see bare trees, fog and rain, and only rarely the much-loved snow. In order not to fall into melancholy, you can decorate the windows with hanging decorations. They create a warm, festive atmosphere and turn the gloomy mood into anticipation of the coming festival.

A hanging decoration is always a great idea! You can use the curtain rods to hang it up to avoid drilling holes.

When it comes to Christmas window decorations, a hanging window garland is the perfect accessory. The variants are almost endless and you can easily adapt the decoration to the interior design.

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A layered window garland will accentuate any window. To do this, you should simply make several garlands of different lengths and hang them on the same hooks. The shortest garland will hang at the top and the longer ones further down. For a puristic variant, you can combine garlands made of light wooden beads, natural materials such as fir branches and knitted parts.

The hanging decoration for the window does not always have to be a classic garland stretched in front of the window. Decorative elements that float in front of the window and form a pretty curtain are just as suitable and can add to the festive mood in the house. You can hang both Christmas balls and pine cones and other natural materials in front of the window. To do this, use thin cord such as thread or fishing line that is not too noticeable.

The easiest way to decorate the windows for Christmas is to decorate the windowsill. For this you can use various decorative elements such as candles, lanterns, fairy lights, vases and many others. No drilling or hanging is required – you simply arrange the decoration on the window sill and you’re done.

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Whether with chalk markers or window pictures made of paper, the decoration of the window panes immediately creates a festive atmosphere and puts a smile on children’s faces. Host a craft afternoon with the little ones this weekend to decorate window panes for Christmas.

Check in our below photo gallery amazing ideas for decorating your windows perfectly for Christmas.









































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