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Modern Ideas for Furnishing and Designing a Student’s Room

by Eva

Modern Ideas for Furnishing and Designing a Student’s Room

Student accommodation in college can be a bit bland. It could be anything from the white-washed walls, fluorescent light bulb, rickety chair, less than a sturdy desk, and the plain bunkers or single beds, depending on your room plan. This cannot be a very accommodating or inviting look to a student. 

Naturally, as a student, you will want to spice up the look a little bit to make it look more cozy and homely. Considering you will be spending a good amount of time in this environment while doing your coursework and university research papers, it is only logical to make it more comfortable. Here are some ways you can design your student room to make it more comfy and attractive.

Get better furniture

If you look keenly at the furniture offered in student rooms, it may cost you in the future. Poor chairs and tables may cause back problems to the student. It is better to prevent that by incurring more costs than hefty hospital bills in the future. Students have to write a lot of assignments, research, and term papers when in school, and a sturdy desk and comfortable chair are important. Assignments can be a bit much for students, and they can decide to take help from assignment help services online. The online assignment helpers at Ca. Edubirdie is the best, and it’s the top website for assignment help offering great quality work at affordable prices. When the library is not able to provide you with support in your diploma or graduation studies, online help will make your course writing easier.

Get good lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in the general look of a place. Lighting also contributes a lot more than just the general aesthetic of the room. Poor lighting has been known to cause eye strain which may lead to migraines and headaches, which are detrimental to the general health of the student. 

Therefore, a student may want to invest in good lighting for their room. This can be done by buying lamps to supplement the light provided by the bulb in the room or a much stronger light bulb to replace the one in place. LED lights are also one of the good student room ideas for better lighting. Fairy lights can also be a great pick for dorm rooms as they serve both the purpose of lighting up the room and making it look good.

Buy house plants

House plants are a great way to spice up the look of your room. They give the room a more homely look and provide a kind of soothing or rather relaxing vibe to the place. College dorm rooms might not offer the best environment for all plants. Therefore, go for plants that can survive harsh weather conditions. 

You can choose to get low-maintenance house plants like cactus or aloe Vera, which will not require a lot of your time and energy. If that seems hard, considering the lifestyle of college students, there is always the option to get fake houseplants. They require no special care other than the occasional dusting.

Use attractive beddings and throw pillows

Beddings are great student apartment décor and can play a huge role in changing the entire look of your dorm room. Most of the room space is usually occupied by the bed, making beddings a key contributor to your room’s general look and feel. 

Some colorful and attractive bedding is a great idea if you want to change that bland, plain look dorm rooms have. Try and get beddings that match your curtains or complement them. Throw pillows as well do a lot for a room. They are decorative and can also be very useful for when you have friends over. 

Put up photos and banners

Out of the many college student bedroom decorating ideas, the use of photos and banners is one of the best. There is nothing homier than having pictures of friends and family in your room. You can carry as many photos as possible from home and put them up in your room. You can just stick them around using tape or non-permanent glue to ensure you don’t rip out paint from the walls. You can also use some fun and colorful frames when hanging up the pictures to add that color and cheer to your room. Banners of bands, artists, or movies that you like can also add to the coziness of your college living room décor. 


These are just a few ideas of student apartment décor that you can borrow from. There are so many other ways to make your college room look so much better and feel a lot more like home. Your college room will be more like a second home for you in the next couple of years. So why not make it the ideal place for you at this time

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