Home Garden Cottage garden ideas- when close to nature is what is required

Cottage garden ideas- when close to nature is what is required

by Eva

Cottage garden ideas- when close to nature is what is required

If you have not been out in your country garden during the long winter months and have recently discovered that nature is rampant, you do not have to be sad. Here are some clever tips and practical tricks for you, with which you can transform your farm garden into a modern country idyll. There you can stay in the midst of greenery and beautifully fragrant ornamental and useful plants all summer long and explore the nature first hand. Cottage gardens are currently back in because this garden design style corresponds to the human quest to come back to nature and fully enjoy their splendor, peace, and romance. If you have a just formulated purpose, then trustfully follow our practical design ideas and fulfill your farm garden with romantic flair and new charm.

DIY ideas with old watering hoses: creativity at home and the cottage

Actually, the farmer’s garden is celebrating a real comeback. Because this garden style is nothing new in garden design. Its origin lies in a distant time, this one should look for in the medieval “peasant” monastery gardens. At that time, the self-sufficiency of food plants and medicinal herbs was the real reason for planting and cultivating the gardens.

Over the course of many decades, the farmer’s garden has been further developed and perfected, so that today it is considered a green oasis under the open sky, where you can completely break down the daily stress in the midst of lush vegetation.

Cottages of our heart: Summer inspiration ideas

































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