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New Christmas decorating trends you need to know

by Eva

New Christmas decorating trends you need to know

One of our favorite seasonal traditions is to dig out boxes full of Christmas accessories from the basement and decorate the house with them. We usually decorate the house every year in the same way because it is easy and practical. But incorporating new Christmas decorating trends doesn’t mean you have to throw away the existing collection. This season we will be decorating our home with paints, paintings, and recycled materials. Read on to find out more.

The most beautiful and original DIY Christmas decorations additions that will boost your home these holidays

The plaid fabric has always been one of our classic Christmas, but with the constant popularity of rustic style at home, this year is more fashionable than ever. For a modern twist, try a larger pattern instead of the traditional one. Wrapping gifts in cardboard is a good idea.

Already last year we noticed the presence of the trend of Christmas trees. Searches for Christmas sunflower trees have risen 66 percent this year, according to a Pinterest report, as well as for unicorns decorated with pink, white and gold flowers. Instead of a traditional garland, try creating a wreath of imitation flowers.

Choose decorative items made from recycled materials to support the environment. Cork and cardboard ornaments are a modern way to add recycled materials.

The red and green combination is the most iconic Christmas trend in history. And even though we love the classics, this year, we abandon the green and choose a red and white design. This year you can choose a white Christmas tree instead of the evergreen tree and decorate it with red ornaments.

The Boho Christmas decoration incorporates handmade tones in vibrant colors for a much more personalized look. As you will see, you do not have to revise your entire collection to incorporate new trends. Use these colorful ornaments and add DIY tassels.

The best Christmas decoration is the one that matches the color scheme of your home. You don’t have to decorate everything red and green unless this is the normal aesthetic throughout the year. Black, white, woody shades, navy blue and neutral can look festive with traditional Christmas colors.




















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