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Common Plumbing Disasters Found in Northern Beaches

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Common Plumbing Disasters Found in Northern Beaches

Weather reports show that some parts experience average high temperatures of 45 C during peak summer. Households and commercial establishments located in warm, humid areas experience more plumbing problems than others. 

However, residents cannot blame all plumbing problems they face on the weather. They may also result from lack of periodic maintenance, improper drain maintenance, and other wear and tear. 

Plumbing disasters require immediate solutions. Although DIY plumbing fixes may seem quick and less expensive, they can aggravate the damage if not done correctly. 

Hence, it is essential to contact a trusted plumber Northern Beaches Sydney, to handle your plumbing problems. 


Clogs are one of the most notorious plumbing issues homeowners face. They may cause your whole drainage system to malfunction. So, you might need to call an expert plumber to deal with this issue.

Most clogs occur due to complex issues like mineral deposition in the sewage, tree-root infestations, improper garbage disposal, or even external digging. 

Experienced plumbers use modern tools to enter your drainage system and fix issues that may be deep and hard to reach otherwise. A visible accumulation of water in your yard, foul odor, and noises in the drainage system are clear indicators of clogs.

Leaking Faucets and Valves

Faucet and valve leaks are another common plumbing problem in households. Leaking faucets cause considerable water wastage and send your water bills soaring. 

Faucets and valves are also susceptible to weather damage. They may develop corrosion in the long run. It is always good to conduct regular faucet and valve inspections and repair them before it is too late. 

A plumber can identify the root cause of leaks and prevent them from worsening. If you need faucet or valve replacements, your local plumber can help you choose the best plumbing products available in the market.

Water Seepage

Seepage commonly occurs in considerably old households. The water-proof sealing between tiles or flooring in these may have deteriorated. This condition can cause water from the sink or restroom to seep into other areas of the building. 

If not treated promptly, the issue can even cause structural damage to the building. Regular plumbing checkups are one way to avoid water seepage problems. Your plumber will conduct detailed inspections and apply chemical sealants. 

Frozen Pipes

Winter temperatures sometimes could drop to 9 C. While frozen pipes are not a common plumbing problem, they are not unheard of either. Frozen pipes may need replacement if they become redundant. 

Consider asking your plumber to inspect your pipes before winter and employ preventative measures to avoid freezing. The plumber may also recommend special pipe models that are manufactured to survive in cold weather conditions.

Cracked Water and Sewer Lines

Cracked water and sewer lines could be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They cause slab leaks and can be hard to locate and fix. These leaks and cracks usually happen beneath concrete foundations, and calling a plumbing service may be your only option. 

If not fixed at the earliest, the sewer line crack or other related damage can make your home uninhabitable for a period (especially if it leads to indoor black water flooding). Call your plumber immediately if you notice moisture under the carpet, cracks on the building, and discoloration of walls and ceilings. 

Water Backflow

Backflows can be a dangerous problem to deal with. Water backflows could cause cross-contamination. Cross-contamination results in your drinking water being contaminated. A backflow prevention device may be the right solution. 

Water backflows could be accidental or could result from mistakes committed during the installation process. Hence, the re-installation process should be handled and supervised by experienced plumbing professionals since any mistakes during the installation could lead to further plumbing and drainage problems. 

If not resolved immediately, water backflows can cause waterborne diseases in residents. Common solutions include using an atmospheric vacuum, pressure breakers, double-checking valves, and reducing pressure-zone assemblies. 

Why Call Expert Plumbers

It takes formal training and detailed knowledge of plumbing issues and solutions to fix plumbing disasters. Plumbing is a process that needs to be done with utmost precision and accuracy. 

Inexperienced hands shouldn’t handle it as it could result in the issue worsening. Plumbing experts in your location can identify the cause of your plumbing issues and do the needful to prevent similar problems in the future.

 It is recommended you hold routine checks on your drainage and plumbing system and get the help of a local plumber. Plumbing experts assert the importance of at least conducting yearly inspections and maintenance. Choose a licensed plumber in Northern Beaches, Sydney, for your plumbing needs and emergencies.


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