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Amazing Tire table for a modern home

by Decorator

Amazing Tire table from tavomatico

Some trips do not end, they change

Discover Tavomatico

Tavomatico  “a tire that has come a long way”, now begins a journey velvety, warm, bright.

Tavomatico obtained from a tire flocked through a special technique that makes it smooth to the touch, odorless and resistant.

Two disks of plexiglass applied allow an immediate use as a handy coffee table and comfortable container. The lightness ‘guaranteed by 4 small wheels that allow you to carry tavomatico with ease’. A led light guarantees brightness’ in the light version. Colors and sizes vary depending on the customer’s choice. For more information visit www.tavomatico.com

Amazing Tire table from tavomatico1

Amazing Tire table from tavomatico2

Amazing Tire table from tavomatico3

Amazing Tire table from tavomatico4

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