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17 Alternative things you can put on a frame

by Eva

Put in a Frame and hang on your wall all that things You have not Imagined

There are 17 alternative things you can put on a frame and make a difference.

It is common for the walls of the houses, almost every room, to decorate them with frames. It is also commonplace to be trapped in the ordinary. The content of a frame may vary and we do not mean the subject matter but the content.



Tip: Frame size should be proportional to the size of the wall to be inserted. If your living space is large then do not hesitate to place large frames.

What are the17 alternative things you can put on a frame check the list and images below

  • Chinoiserie: Chinoiserie wallpapers are special and too exaggerated to be invested over a whole wall. You can, however, fit a tripod with golden thin shoulder frames on the wall of your living room and insert pieces of Chinoiserie wallpapers.
  • Silk scarves: An old favorite silk scarf or even a smaller scarf whose weariness became noticeable and the signs of time making their presence felt with holes and pulls can easily become the theme of a frame.
  • Manuscripts: A handwritten letter, postcards with dedications or an important document of emotional value can be the subject of a frame. Putting them at a point easily accessible visually will revive the feeling behind the message.
  • Napkins: Many times luxury napkins have great colors and designs. Some of them may be the subject of a frame.
  • Maps: For your bedroom, you can invest in an old city map. The mystery around its existence will intrigue every observer. Necessary conditions are to use a gold frame and the effect of sepia on the print so as to prove its age.
  • Fabrics: Ropes of old fabrics can also become the theme of a frame. Framing them from a frame will immediately change the space and illuminate it.
  • Bags: The bags of some stores is particularly inspired and not many people who keep them as a memento especially if it comes to bags printed up the brand name of a company or a name of a foreign company.
  • Nature: A piece of a clown can easily become the theme of a diptych, especially if it is a country house. You only need to clean the branches and cut them off so that their view shows their utmost continuity.
  • Frame in a frame: A large frame in front of an office located in dual-use areas such as the living room would be a good choice as the frame will delimit the office space while providing a modern picture of the combination.
  • Jewelry: A frame that will contain some of your jewelry inside your buddy will be a wonderful exhibit.
  • Plants: Nature on the wall of the house is an original idea that domestic data is slow to come. Make the beginning and put some small growing plants in a frame.
  • Leaves: A small anthology with leaves of various plants their shape is of particular interest may be the matter of a few frames. Their uniqueness will be unique.
  • Personal care items: The bathroom wall of your home can be decorated with frames containing old personal care items. In antique or decorative shops you can find such objects and put them in a frame.
  • Recipes: With the same logic, you can decorate your kitchen wall with various sizes of one color, and put in handwritten recipes of food or sweets that have passed into your hands from previous generations of your genealogy tree.
  • Clothes: In the children’s bedroom you can hang a frame with the baptismal clothing of your child or children. Children’s clothing, in general, is of great emotional interest to both parents and children growing up.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl vinyl discs are rarely used only by the demanding sounds. However, the album covers have always been interesting as they were a promotional tool at the time they were circulating since marketing tools were infinitely less than today. Create a composition from your favorite discs and decorate the entrance to your home.
  • Beach: Give a summer air to your decor using a frame that contains items from the sea or the beach. You can hang some starfish from a string and fasten the cords by nailing them from the back of a frame.

















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