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40 Spring decoration ideas full of color

by Eva

40 Spring decoration ideas full of color

Whether you treat this season as “just after winter” or as “just before summer”, the atmosphere of the house needs … “a little refreshing, a little color, a bit of freshness”

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As timidly as the windows stay a little more open this is the right time if you plan to paint the house as long as possible … moving to balconies, courtyards all the way to Easter, it’s a chance together with a generic cleaning and picking up winter to bring something out of … spring into the home.

You will do this mainly by filling … jars, even with some branches or greenery and with pastels and light shades on objects and fabrics.
Of course, the times we are going through are not easy for anyone, and “changes” and “renovations” are costly. But “new” framing, pillows, decorative items and even furniture can be much more than you already have if you have a little time and a box of paint or a few meters of economical fabric.

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In general, changing the overall look of a space by adding small colored elements such as some new decorative pillows, colored frames, flowers or plants or painting a single wall in a different shade can be very large change and can ultimately cost you little.



































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