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Amazing DIY ideas for plaster wall decorations

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Amazing DIY ideas for plaster wall decorations

This is certainly not a new breakthrough in the modern DIY and Decoration industry, as gypsum was an essential ingredient in mortar for artistic masonry decoration, both internally and externally, centuries ago.
Especially during the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, all forms of plaster decorations were a major element of Baroque architecture and true masterpieces, examples of this particular art, are preserved in buildings throughout Europe.

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These wall sculptures, in most cases, were ornamental “plaster” architectural elements used on the ceilings, around the doors, etc., giving the interior an overly “heavy” style of authentic Baroque.

Plaster in this type of creations works by artists as if the wall is a “canvas” that is “painted” with relief drawings – either before drawing the outline of the drawing on the wall or by directly drawing the plaster on the wall spatulas-knives of painting-sculpture.

Over the years, this particular art has been largely replaced by “alternative” easier techniques, which depict smaller and simpler relief patterns on the wall surface.

The process of making them, without being too different, is clearly easier than creating a whole show or very complex, non-linear designs as required by the Baroque style and can even be done by first “unpacking” any drawing-pattern on the wall. which is then filled with a spatula with a gypsum mixture to give a relief appearance.
They are used to create artistic gypsum powder mixed with water and to form spatula-knives that facilitate the creation of relief surfaces.

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This is the basic but not the exclusive method, for example, the viscous gypsum mixture can be placed in a large diameter syringe – technically ideal for drawings consisting of a large number of fine lines such as a tree – or work on the wall and by hand, etc.

The simplest way to create plaster decorations on the wall, for the complete amateur, is the Stencils technique.
You will use 3D Stencils (slightly thicker than those intended exclusively for paint dyeing) and simply spatula fill the pattern with gypsum mixture or even a paste for relief.

In DIY shops, you will find many products – molding pastes for this use, their end result being identical to that of regular plaster.

Once the first layer of gypsum or paste to fill the Stencil is fully solidified, you can further enhance its embossed appearance by adding a plaster or paste trowel and following the outline of the pattern already painted on the wall.

Plaster decorations can, of course, after the plaster has dried, be painted with acrylic paints or patina.

It is certainly not one of the easiest surface decoration techniques, but the end results if successful are particularly impressive and can be applied outdoors to create a very special … embossed tree on the wall of the yard or of your balcony that you will then paint with acrylic paints.







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