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Cool DIY summer crafts with pumpkins

by Eva

Cool DIY summer crafts with pumpkins

Not only dried fruits but also fresh pumpkins can be turned into very special summer DIY decorations. Of course, they will not last forever like the corresponding dried pumpkins, but for a few weeks, but they are particularly impressive, especially as central pieces for table decorations – special occasion decorations such as lanterns, candlesticks, vases, etc.

DIY decorative crafts from pumpkins for garden and balcony

In addition to cutting and carving their surface in any summer designs, you want that will turn them into lanterns, vases, etc. and fresh pumpkins can be processed with acrylic paints, decoupage with paper or fabric, stencils and generally with any kind of technique as if they were dried.

Particularly impressive are the summer constructions with pumpkins and natural or decorative sand. After applying glue on their surface, cover them with sand and when it stabilizes, remove the excess amount of sand with a dry brush. This way you can cover their entire surface or selected points using the sand as a … color to create on the surface of pumpkin designs – summer patterns.


























Images via: pinterest.com/soulouposeto

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