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Amazing DIY Crafts – Decorations with … Pom Pom

by Eva

Amazing DIY Crafts – Decorations with … Pom Pom

Even the sound of their name … Pom Pom refers to something at least cute and pretty much their fluffy texture and usually colorful appearance.

You will make them from every type of wool and the basic way of making them may vary depending on the size of Pom Pom you want to create or which technique suits you best. The general philosophy, however, is the same in all ways.

DIY pompom technique ideas – how to make yourself the most wonderful and fluffy mat

The yarn should wrap tightly around an object or your fingers if it suits you best, and then cut tightly in the waist to cut around and eventually … shear with scissors where necessary so that the ball is symmetrical on all sides.

A round piece of cardboard, a fork, roll paper, a simple link of any material is some of the most common items you can use. Of course, depending on the size of the object, the size of the Pom Pom also varies.

Of course, the easiest and most important way to achieve the most perfect result, especially to make a large number of constructions, is to use the special Pom Pom construction tool available in many different sizes and with which all the corresponding professional constructions are created.





To give the Pom Pom a perfectly fluffy texture, without separating the yarns from each other once you have finished making them … comb them all over with a brush with fine metal teeth. Pet brushes of this type are best suited to make a perfectly fluffy Pom Pom.

The kind of texture of the yarn – wool that you will also use differs in appearance, and the striking are the two-color yarns.

The thread or rope you will tie in the center before cutting them with scissors can be longer if you want to create a garland by tying the ropes together while sticking them firmly onto fabric or any kind of material using a hot silicone gun.


They can be used in many ways both for making constructions such as mats, wreaths, furniture, wall decor, etc. as well as for the extra decoration of finished items such as decorative pillows, wicker baskets, hats, in packing, etc. while small constructions. a single Pom Pom such as bookmarks, keychains, haircuts, etc. are just as special.

Items created or decorated with Pom Pom will wash them without much … discomfort with lukewarm water and minimal detergent or even just a laundry detergent and certainly not in the washing machine.

Create such a wire mesh of any size and shape you want and place the pom pom as close to the wall as possible, making sure to direct all of its new sprigs onto the grid in a way that will slowly cover it.




















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