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A great Cottage in Spain

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Cottage in Spain
The color of nature sneaks inside this house on the Costa Brava full of resources to gain inches. Crisp, is a tribute to bespoke furniture.

It has the ideal size for a family holiday. The architect designed this home Augusto Lemonier the Costa Brava to the extent of their owners, a couple with three children, designing practical and comfortable interiors that make life very easy in summer and an outside patio, porch and a small garden delights of the children of the house.

It has everything, but on a small scale. With two floors of about 69 m2 each and equipped with furniture as it leverages them, is a master class on how to live large in a small space. Using the same materials and colors throughout the house also enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

The vibrant green garden around discreetly graduates to color hue, and inside, floors, walls and doors. “The owners wanted a fresh and functional, to make maximum use of every inch and would blend well in the environment,” explains the interior designer, Gaby Conde. “The wall paint has served me well as a resource to define the dining room, with painted white upper,” says Gaby. A perfect trick because, on the ground floor, lounge, kitchen dining room and living within an open space without divisions.

In the lounge, a library of work, designed as floor to ceiling, integrates the TV and the fireplace in the central module and has two twin shelves on both sides, perfect for organizing books, magazines and decorative objects. The same concept-furniture without doors work-has been used to equip the kitchen, but here it has chosen not to install wall units to not clutter the space. An original work island and light wheeled metal frame and wooden shelves for crockery served daily.

On the second floor of the house, paved with the same cement polished downstairs and where the chromatic “Betis” is also protagonist, found the bedroom. The main wall has been painted as the dining room, and children’s rooms have been designed to the millimeter. “In the boys put two beds in line on a platform with drawers as inferior, because there was no room for cabinets. The girl’s solve it with a wooden structure in a wall which includes a nightstand and a bed-nest “.

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