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Wall paint technique Tissue by Sherwin Williams

by Decorator

Irregular creases and folds created in this technique provide the opportunity to add outstanding interest to any plain surface you’d like to highlight.
From afar,the texture is subtle — taking on an appearance of stucco or cement. As you get closer, the unusual personality of the wall emerges as a delightful surprise.

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How to create a Tissue Paper finish.

Step 1 Apply Base Coat Color:
Apply Duration Home® Interior Latex
Matte paint in your base coat color. Matte
finish is required for proper results. Use a
9″ premium 3⁄8″ nap roller for the wall and
a 6¼” premium 3⁄8″ nap roller to reach into
corners and edges. Work in an area about
4 feet by 4 feet.

Step 1B Apply Tissue Paper: Crinkle and fold your wall tissue paper in advance
so you can work quickly while your base coat is still wet. (For additional texture, you
may also tear the edges.) Place a sheet of tissue paper onto the wet wall and gently
smooth it in random directions using your hands or a soft brush (diagram 1B). Creases
are desirable. Immediately roll over the paper with your base coat color to completely
encase it in paint. Repeat this process across the wall, overlapping the edges of your
paper as you go. Follow the label directions for recommended drying time.

Step 2 Coat with Metallic: After
allowing the base coat to dry completely,
apply the Faux Impressions™ Metallic. Use
a brush to cut into corners and around
trim, but immediately blend it into the body
of the wall using a 6″ microfiber ½” nap
roller. This is an important technique to
follow, as any brush marks will create an
unwanted “picture frame” effect around the
edges of your wall when you’re finished.
Cover the remainder of the wall using your
9″ microfiber ½” nap roller using a curving
motion in a random, overlapping pattern
(diagram 2)

Step 3A Mix Decorative Glaze: Once the metallic is dry, you are ready to mix your
decorative glaze. Pour 8 ounces of Faux Impressions™ Latex Glaze into a mixing container
and add 8 ounces of Duration Home® Interior Latex Matte (glaze color). Stir the contents to
create a uniform solution. This mixture will cover approximately 350 –400 square feet.
Apply a small amount of the glaze mixture to a moistened sea sponge mitt or a rectangular
cellulose sponge. Coat the surface evenly using a wooden stir stick or your hand (diagram 3A).
Step 3B Glaze: Begin in an upper corner and rub the glaze on the wall using a
random circular action similar to applying wax to a car. Reload the glazing mitt or sponge
often and blend the areas as you move along the wall (diagram 3B). As the mitt or sponge
dries out, you may go back over any areas to lighten the glaze coverage and reveal more
of the texture and base coat color.
Once dry to the touch, gently remove the low-tack tape, reset your room, and enjoy your
newly personalized space.

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