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7 Fresh ideas to decorate with more Summer Color

by Decorator

Fresh ideas to decorate with more Summer Color

A little wine, a little mood and … turquoise. Yet you only need to bring permanent summer at home.
It can be a great mix between blue and green, but the shades of turquoise vary from hot to cold and strong and gentle. What does this mean; That fits (almost) all the colors! Besides, few colors are as playful and versatile as turquoise: depending on how you choose to put on your space, turquoise can be summery, cheerful, elegant, luxurious, strict, separate or retro. Moreover, because the turquoise-considered color Passepartout, fits both classically decorated houses and in modern and minimalist spaces. If you like but do not know how to decorate, here are seven ways to put it in your home.

Fresh ideas to decorate with more Summer Color2

  • Combine turquoise pastel colors like purple lavender, pink and green mint. That way, you will give your space an almost dreamy, romantic and retro dimension.
  • You are a fan of minimalist decor? Combined with dark colors, such as anthracite, black, dark brown and dark olive green, turquoise gives strict sense of elegance to your space. In this way, the turquoise can fit ideally even a bachelor home.
  • Bring out the black and white décor of your space, by painting a wall turquoise, placing decorative items on your site (for example, frames, vases) in shades of turquoise or covering the couch and your bed with turquoise pillows, sheets and throws.
  • You like (decorative) tensions? Dare to match turquoise with red and orange. From the walls and furniture until your decorative accessories, this combination will make your space playful and will bring relaxed air in your space.

Fresh ideas to decorate with more Summer Color3

  • Hold the spring forever at home, playing with different shades of turquoise and lime. And when you want to go from spring to summer, you only have to replace lime to yellow. They are two happy, fresh and distinct combinations that will make the mood on a daily basis and will make your home look (even) more bright.
  • For an impressive, luxurious and baroque look, combine turquoise with gold. Beyond absolute classic, this combination will make your home look like a palace.
  • The turquoise reminds you sea? Dare to put in your bathroom: the walls and the tiles up the towels and furniture. Whatever you decide to use it, one thing is certain: the turquoise will transform your space into zen zone.

Fresh ideas to decorate with more Summer Color4


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