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How to Fix the Toilet Running All Day

by Eva

How to Fix the Toilet Running All Day

A running toilet is much better than a clogged one. But if toilet running becomes incessant and remains unchecked, it can lead to wastage of hundreds of gallons of water and quite a few bucks. 

The fix is easier than you think. Don’t be intimidated by the procedure. The steps are quite simple and can be accomplished even by a novice. 

Try these steps, and you will be able to fix your toilet and save water even without any professional assistance. 

Why Won’t the Toilet Stop Running?

In most cases, it is the water filling sound in the toilet tank when you hear the toilet running. Once you flush, it is common for your toilet to run for 20 to 30 seconds. 

Toilets have not changed much in the last 100 years almost. It uses the same mechanism that fills the water tank and shuts the water off with the lift of the float when it reaches a certain level. 

The lever still opens the flapper, which leads to the flush, and when the water level drops, it falls back into place. At times the flush can be too wimpy, and in other cases, the toilet can keep running while the bowl doesn’t refill in other instances. 

To help you resolve these issues and get your toilet up and functioning, here are a few simple steps. 

How to Fix the Toilet Running All Day

Here is a step-by-step approach to fix your all-day running toilet. 

Tools Required 

  • Pliers 
  • Hacksaw

Step 1 –Test the Flapper 

  • You have to push down on the flappers when you hear the running water.
  • If it stops, the flapper is not getting properly sealed, so you need to replace it.
  • Check the length of the fill tube and cut it back in a way that it is at least half inches above the waterline.
  • Shut down the water supply fall that is placed under the toilet for replacing the flapper. If the valve leaks, you have to shut off the main supply. 
  • Flush the toilet for draining out the major portion of the water and follow it up by unhooking the old flapper.
  • Purchase a new flapper of the same type and install it according to the package’s instructions. 
  • You have to hook the flapper chain onto the lever arm of the flush so that when the flapper is closed, there remains only a little slack. 

Step 2 – Check Fill Valve for Leak 

  • Flush the toilet and look out for the fill valve puncture.
  • You can see if the water stops by lifting on the float arm of the toilet when the tank is getting filled up.
  • To stop the tank filling, when the water level is half or one inch below the overflow pipe top, adjust or bend the toilet float arm.
  • You have to replace it if the fill valve still leaks.

Step 3 – Replace the Old Toilet Fill Valve 

  • Switch off the water supply and sponge in from the tank the leftover water after flushing the toilet. 
  • After unscrewing the fill valve lock nut, detach the water supply line and lift the older fill valve out.

Step 4 – Install the New Fill Valve 

  • According to the instruction sheet, install the new fill valve in to the tank and squeeze the locknut a bit past hand tight (½ turn approximately).
  • In case the fill valve remains at the highest point of the overflow pipe. However, the overflow pipe still surpasses the critical level. You need to shorten with a hacksaw the pipe in a way that it is one inch lower than the critical level mark on the fill valve.

Step 5 – Connect the Fill Tube

  • Link one end of the fill tube to the nipple of the fill valve and the other end to the adapter of the enclosed angle. To avoid the kinks, shorten the tube if necessary. 
  • Attach the overflow pipe with the angle adapter. 
  • Finish the installation by clinging the flapper chain to the flush lever. 
  • After turning on the water, test flush the toilet. 

If you can follow the above steps, you can fix the toilet running problem that you are facing in a majority of the cases. But if you are unable to solve it, you should contact a professional. 

Professional plumbers do not just fix the issue that is bothering you but also provide warranties that ensure that you won’t face the problem again in the recent future. 

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