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6 Tips to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Look Fabulous

by Eva

6 Tips to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Look Fabulous

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way. Today, a quality artificial tree can look and feel just like a real tree.  They also come in a wide range of natural styles, from bushy pines to branchy firs, from natural green, to winter flocked.  You’ll find more variety among artificial trees than you’ll find among natural trees at your local market.  A lovely artificial Christmas tree can also last for decades. That makes it a better investment. 

With some know-how, even inexpensive artificial trees can appear realistic. When you fluff the limbs, add lights and style it with ornaments, your tree can look amazing.

Fluff the Branches

Most people don’t spend nearly enough time fluffing their artificial tree.  You should expect to spend at least an hour to properly fluff your tree, spreading its branches to make it look more realistic.  It’s time well-spent because your tree will look so much better.  

It’s important to keep the tree limbs apart so that they spread out and cover more area. You may shape separate branches to fill up gaps in the tree. A beautifully designed tree will look fantastic whether you decorate it with basic or elaborate decorations. Wear gloves to protect your hands and arms against scratches.

String Up the Christmas Lights

While you can buy a pre-lit artificial tree, they are considerably more expensive than unlit trees.  Expect to pay at least twice as much for a pre-lit tree.  

That said, when comparing costs between pre-lit and unlit, consider the lights you’ll need to buy for the unlit tree.  As a rule, you’ll need to buy one strand of 100-200 lights for every foot of tree height. So a 7-foot tree would need 7 strands, or 700-1400 lights.  

Also, pay attention to the color temperature of your lights. Do you want a bright white or a warm, golden light?  Whichever you prefer, be aware that color temperatures vary between manufacturers. One company’s “warm white” may be a different shade than another.  That’s why it’s a good idea to buy all the lights you need at once from the same manufacturer.  

Putting lights within your Christmas tree can give it a more dynamic appearance. Wrap the lights around the tree trunk first, and then go on to the larger branches. Follow the directions until the end and back. The branches should be fluffed as you go around the tree. Lighting fixtures may be combined in any way you see fit. White or transparent lights look great around the tree’s perimeter.

Choose the Right Material and Color.

Make a color scheme that complements your chosen theme. To get a timeless and sophisticated design, go with red and gold or a more modern and minimal Scandi vibe by layering white and neutrals. You could also go for a more frosty vibe by opting for a blue and silver color scheme. Avoid visual overload by using just two colors (and no more than three). Consider the different textures and materials. If you want your tree to exude luxury, velvet ornaments are a must. Minimalist or Nordic-inspired Christmas trees benefit from paper and wooden ornaments.

Hang Your Ornaments

How you hang your ornaments is as important as what ornaments you put on the tree.  

“Hang ornaments in clusters of two or three.” says Dallas Christmas decorators Cadeaux Christmas. “It gives them more visual impact.”

Cadeaux Christmas also recommends hanging ornaments with ribbons, instead of wire hangers. “It gives the tree a more polished look,” they say.

Find the Ideal Finishing Touch For Your Christmas Tree.

A bold tree topper may be the cherry on top of a beautifully decorated tree. Find one that works with the size and style of your tree. Remember to take the ceiling height into account as well. The typical tree toppers are angels and stars, but you may also be creative and make your own.

Drape the Tree Skirt Over the Base

It is easy to ignore the importance of a Christmas tree skirt. Using a tree skirt, you can hide the tree’s legs, trunk, or stand.  It gives a unified look and helps attract attention to the tree’s bottom trunk. As a bonus, it is a stunning background for all your Christmas present-wrapping needs. You may also use a tree mat under your potted Christmas tree if you like.


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